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Investor FAQ's

Whether you have been an investor for decades or a few days, we understand that you will have questions. See below our frequently asked questions that may help. If you have any further queries or questions is simply not listed below please feel free to contact our friendly staff members as we are more than happy to assist. 1300 885 624 or

What do you offer?

We offer full service property management. We pride ourselves on being able to offer landlords personalised service.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office to arrange an obligation free personal appointment with our Property Manager.

If you are Brisbane based we are able to come to your place of residence, work or at the investment property to discuss our services in person.

Why should I choose your office over a larger franchise?

You will find that we use the same procedures, software and training tools as some of the larger agencies, however we are able to give our landlords and tenants personalised service and focus on building professional relationships. Accombris specialises solely in Property Management allowing us to excel in this field.

In the past my Property Manager was very hard to get hold of, will this happen with you?

We aim to ensure that all phone calls and emails are returned promptly. Our Property Manager directors is easily contactable via mobile phone, direct office line and email.

My property is currently with another agency, how do I make the change to your office?

The first step is to contact one of our friendly staff to arrange a meeting to discuss our services; you will need to appoint our agency to act on your behalf.

Once we are appointed to manage your investment property we will make contact with the tenant and arrange collection of keys and all relevant documents from your current agent.

Everything else will carry on as usual. We make the change as simple and stress free as possible.

What Fees are involved in changing agents?

In most cases you will be required to give 30 – 90 days’ notice depending on what is in your current management agreement.

Often you can pay out the management fee for this period to terminate the agreement immediately.

We are currently waiving the first three month’s management fee for new landlords; this should cover any out of pocket expenses with your current agent.

How often are viewings for prospective tenants carried out on my property?

Viewings are carried out on a regular basis at times that suit prospective tenants.

We conduct viewings after hours and on Saturdays.

How do you obtain the best tenant?

Firstly, we meet the tenants during the viewing of the property.   All applications undergo rigorous employment and reference checks.

We also ensure that tenants are not listed on the national database for rental arrears and damages.

You will be kept informed of who has applied for your property and you will have the final say on who resides at your property.

Where is your office based, does this impact on your ability to manage properties that are located in the outer suburbs?

Our office is based in Newstead, Brisbane.   The physical location of the office does not impact on our ability to manage your property effectively.

We thoroughly research every location that we manage properties in and keep up to date on the vacancy rates, median rents and rental growth.

Do you personally meet prospective tenants?

Yes, our Property Manager/s are responsible for both the leasing and ongoing management of the property.

They carry out viewings with the tenants as well as maintaining contact with the tenant throughout the duration of the lease agreement.

How much can I rent my property for?

There are several factors that come in to play when renting your property, including the condition and age of the property, number of bedrooms, appliances, etc.

We suggest contacting our agency and allowing an inspection of the property to provide you with an accurate appraisal, or you can click on the “Free Rental Appraisal” button above.

How long does it take to find a tenant for my property?

Unfortunately, we cannot give you an exact timeline on how long it will take to find tenants.

However, if the property is priced to suit market conditions, is well presented and inspections are carried out regularly it will cut down on your vacancy time.

What is the average length of a Tenancy Agreement?

The most common tenancy is a Fixed Term agreement of 6 or 12 months.

The Agreement may be re-negotiated before the end of each fixed term period.

We contact you about 3 months prior to a lease expiry with options and advice about rent.

Can I say I don’t want pets at my Property?

Lessors may choose to specify if Pets are, or, are not allowed in Tenancy Agreements for your Property.

If you elect to allow pets, the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 (RTRA Act) outlines the tenant’s responsibility with having them at a rental property.

Our Agency can provide practical suggestions for your consideration before deciding if you will allow a pet or not.

Who holds the Bond money?

A maximum amount equal to four weeks rent is to be paid by the tenant as Bond prior to the Tenant moving into the Property unless the rent is greater than $700 per week.

In this case, then an agreed amount can be requested to be paid over and above the four weeks rent as Bond.

The Bond is lodged with the Residential Tenancies Authority and held there until the tenant vacates the premises and a thorough Agent Exit Property Inspection and report  is completed and we are satisfied the tenant has returned the property as required and all rent has been paid.   The Bond is then dispersed appropriately.

Should I rent my property furnished or unfurnished?

There are many factors to consider when choosing to rent the property with or without furniture.

In most cases unfurnished houses are sought after however if your property is located in the CBD it may be an option to consider.

Whilst renting a property furnished will attract a higher rental you will need to ensure that all furniture is maintained throughout the tenancy.

This said we find that there is still a demand for furnished properties.  We will access this on a case by case basis and will always offer our suggestions and recommendations to you.

What is your policy regarding rental arrears?

Our office has a strict policy on rental arrears, rental arrears are carried out on a daily basis and tenants are contacted at day 1 of being behind.

A formal notice to remedy breach will be issued once the rent reaches 8 days behind.

In order to minimise rental arrears we offer tenants payment via EFT directly into our bank account.

When can I charge water to my tenants?

Water can be charged if the property is individually metered and water efficient.

Tenants are responsible for their water usage however landlords are required to pay for the fixed access charges.

Charging water is simple, just contact QLD Urban Utilities and have the bill directed to us.

We will then make full payment of the bill from your rental funds.

The tenants will then be invoiced for their portion of the water bill.

How often are routine inspections carried out?

Routine inspections are carried out on a regular basis, the initial routine is 3 months from the tenacy stat date and 6 monthly thereafter should there be no issues in the initial routine.

How often can I inspect the Property other than for maintenance?

The Tenancy Agreement specifies that the tenant permits the Lessor/Agent to inspect the property during the tenancy provided the tenant is given notice, as required by the RTRA Act.

The Act states that unless a Tenant agrees otherwise, entry may not be made less than 3 months after a previous entry by the Lessor/Agent.

Are all repairs done properly?

Work arranged by our Agency for your Property is carried out by a suitably qualified and licensed tradesperson.

If the work required is covered by a warranty, our Agency contacts the supplier, or if the work is claimable under your Landlord or any other insurance policy, we can contact the insurer to claim on your behalf.

Our Agency has access to a wide range of trade’s people who have met our Agency’s stringent criteria.

Do I pay for the telephone connection?

It is recommended that if the Property is new or has been vacant for a long period of time and a telephone line is not connected to the Property the Lessor pays for a line connection.

We recommend the Tenant organises the work and submits the account to us for the Lessor to pay.

The Tenant is responsible to pay for the service connection to the line and all services used.

What Insurance is needed for an investment Property?

Before renting a Property it is highly recommended to have appropriate insurance cover such as ‘Landlord Protection Insurance’.

We can provide various brochures from Insurance Companies providing this type of policy.

In addition, building and contents insurance and public liability cover are vital.

Packages are typically available from your preferred Insurer for cost effective and comprehensive protection.

All queries about insurance must be directed to Insurance Providers.

Can you take care of paying all of our council, body corporate and water rates?

YES! We do this at no extra charge to you.   Simply contact the respective companies and advise them to send the bills directly to us.

Payment will then be taken from your rental funds to ensure bills are paid on time.

This is much easier when it comes to doing your tax as well.

If the tenant is responsible for water we will ensure that the tenant is invoiced for this.

How and when am I paid the rent from my Tenants?

All monies received on your behalf are held in our regularly audited Trust Account.

From these monies we pay all authorized payments relating to your Property e.g. council rates, insurance, repairs and maintenance.

Invoices are sent to you with your next statement.

The Trust Account period concludes with account processing occurring on the first business day of each month to comply with Trust Account auditor requirements.

We electronically transfer your funds into your nominated financial account within the next 2 business days.